Tipping trailer

Accueil / Tipping trailer

Perard tipping trailers are made from high-strength steel. Longitudinal welds ensure that the flow of the product is not impeded.

The conical body is 2,130 to 2,230 wide, making it easier to empty the product.

The large panoramic window at the front provides a view of the entire body.

SpecificationsX-Tank 74.2X-Tank 86.3
Volume25.00 m³29.00 m³
Empty weight7,90 t9,20 t
GVW24,00 t32,00 t
Body length7,40 m m8.60m
Body height1.57 m1.57 m
AxleSquare tandem 130Square tridem 130
Tyres (original)600/55 R26.5600/55 R26.5