X-Flow 28 and 34

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The X-Flow is a purely crop-oriented travelling platform. Its 600-mm screw for 28 and 34 m³ makes it one of the most efficient machines on the market for these capacities. It can fill lorries or large trailers at the ends of fields while following as much as two large combine harvesters.

It improves performance by more than 25% (up to 40% for maize).

Its 3.50-m width means it does not have to follow in the tractor’s tracks. Therefore, the X-Flow is the essential tool for all large harvesting operations, even in extreme conditions. Its tandem axle limits ground compaction.

CharacteristicsX-Flow 28X-Flow 34
Body width3.50 m3.50 m
Overall width3.50 m3.50 m
Height (with screw folded)3.75 m4.05 m
Discharge height4.80 m4.80 m
Body capacity28.00 m³34.00 m³
Transfer screwØ 600 mmØ 600 mm
Weighing systemOptionOption
Tyres (original)650/75 R32750/60 R 30.5