Optium T series – Narrow body Spreading table

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Optium T series manure spreaders are fitted with a patented spreading table. Unlike vertical distribution rotors, the product to be spread is firstly crumbled by the horizontal rotors before being discharged by two Ø 1 200 mm disks. This spreading solution is ideal for low quantities per hectare. The working width can reach 24 m depending on the products.

T series narrow bodies are designed with a conical shaped body, which prevents the product from arching over.

The spreading table part can easily be removed to be used for composting.

CharacteristicsCE 165CE 185CE 205
Capacity17,00 m³19,00 m³21,00 m³
Inside length5,20 m5,90 m6,50 m
Height of sides1,40 m1,40 m1,40 m
Gross vehicle weight (25 kph)16,00 t16,00 t21,00 t
DiscsØ 1 200 mmØ 1 200 mmØ 1 200 mm
Loading height2,80 m2,80 m3,00 m
Axlessquare of 150square of 150Tandem of 100
Tyres (original)650/75 R32650/75 R32600/55 x26.5
Chains2 x 16 mm2 x 16 mm2 x 16 mm