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Optium SLC series manure spreaders are fitted with double spiral distributor rotors with a diameter of 1050 mm. This unique and patented system achieves a very large working width and exceptional fineness. Therefore, the distribution rotors can spread all types of manure: cattle, droppings, compost, sugar beet lime, etc. They are designed for all users who are looking for superior work quality over a large width (14 to 18 m).

As an option, the SLC series can be fitted with a removable rear hood that covers the distribution rotors. This hood can be used to spread low quantities of very volatile products in the same way as a spreading table.


The SLC series is designed with a conical body shape to facilitate product discharge, including products such as lime.

Perard Optium spreaders offer large body volumes that are ideal for high work outputs.

CharacteristicsCE 165CE 185CE 205
Capacity17,00 m³19,00 m³21,00 m³
Inside length5,20 m5,90 m6,50 m
Height of sides1,40 m1,40 m1,40 m
Gross vehicle weight (25 kph)16,00 t16,00 t21,00 t
Double spiral distributor rotorsØ 1 050 mmØ 1 050 mmØ 1 050 mm
Loading height2,80 m2,80 m3,00 m
Axlessquare of 150square of 150Tandem of 100
Tyres (original)650/75 R32650/75 R32600/55 x26.5
Chains2 x 16 mm2 x 16 mm2 x 16 mm