Interbenne 27

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The Interbenne is designed to optimize harvesting while limiting compaction. Its high output means a time saving of more than 25% by eliminating emptying when stationary.

3 fonctions for 1 machine


The Interbenne is also incredibly versatile throughout the entire year. Its road width and multi-position transfer screw means it can run on the road when loaded and be emptied into a pit or silo.


The variable height and large offset of its transfer screw enables it to fill seeders and fertiliser spreaders.
CharacteristicsInterbenne 30
Body width2.54 m
Gross vehicle weight rating24.00 t
Body capacity30.00 m³
Discharge heightFrom 1.70 to 4.70 m
Multi-position transferYes
Transfer screwØ 600 mm - 500 mm
Rear transferYes
Weighing systemOption
Tyres (original)600/55 R26.5