Trans-eXpress 1000

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The Trans-eXpress transfer hopper, which was originally designed to transfer grain from the trailer to the lorry, was used as a basis to produce this new conveyor. The screws are replaced by two 1-m wide rubber conveyor belts. The conveyor will accept a broad range of products such as wood chips, silage, beetroot, whole corn cobs or even potatoes.

The Trans-eXpress TE 1000 optimises operations that require a high work output. The semi-trailers replace tractors and trailers that are slower and more costly on the road. For difficult sites, trailers no longer leave the fields and do not dirty the roads.

The Trans-eXpress TE 1000 becomes the essential tool for anaerobic digestion plants, wood chip crushing, etc.

CharacteristicsTE 1 000
Hopper length3.55 m
Overall width2.40 m
Height (conveyor folded)2.55 m
Transfer height4.10 m to 5.00 m
Hopper capacity3.30 m³
Width of bottom conveyor900 mm
Width of transfer conveyor1 000 mm
Homologation25 km/h