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Optium L series – Rotor Ø860

CharacteristicsCE 130LCE 150LCE 170L
Capacity13,00 m³15,00 m³17,00 m³
Inside length4,80 m5,40 m5,40 m
Height of sides1,20 m1,20 m1,40 m
Gross vehicle weight (25 kph)15,00 t16,00 t16,00 t
Double spiral distributor rotorsØ 860 mmØ 860 mmØ 860 mm
Loading height2,45 m2,45 m2,65 m
Axlessquare of 100square of 110square of 150
Tyres (original)23,1 R26650/75 R32650/75 R32
Chains2 x 14 mm2 x 14 mm2 x 16 mm
Optium L series manure spreaders are fitted with double spiral distributor rotors with a diameter of 860 mm. This unique and patented system achieves a very large working width and exceptional fineness. Therefore, the distribution rotors can spread all types of manure: cattle, droppings, compost, sugar beet lime, etc. They are designed for all users who are looking for superior work quality over a large width (12 to 16 m).

The L series is characterised by low machines with a low loading height.