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Manure spreader

Perard designs three ranges of spreaders with vertical rotors of Ø 750 mm, 860 mm and 1 050 mm for capacities ranging from 9 to 30 m³ and a range of table spreaders for capacities ranging from 17 to 21 m³.

Optium spreaders with vertical rotors are designed for high-quality spreading, both narrow and wide, with great precision from 3 tonnes per hectare.

Narrow bodies

serie-k serie-l serie-sl
K series manure spreader L series manure spreader SLC series manure spreader

Wide bodies

Caisse large-herissons
SL series manure spreader

Optium table spreaders offer a very wide spreading width for a multitude of products with excellent precision from 800 kg/ha.

Caisse étroite-table Caisse large Perard
Narrow body with spreading table Wide body with spreading table

Perard propose une gamme complète de boitier d’épandage allant du plus basic au tout automatique.

Boitier électronique de régulation
On-board electronics