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Trans-eXpress 500R

CharacteristicsTE 500R
Hopper length3.80 m
Overall width1.65 m
Height (with screw retracted)2.15 m
Transfer height4.90 m
Hopper capacity3.80 m³
Transfer screwØ 500 mm
Certification130 km/h

The Trans-eXpress is a mobile hopper that can be used to load a lorry with a simple trailer. The R version can be hitched up to a van or a 4×4 to be quickly moved on the road. 80 hp are all you need to drive the screw using the hatches on the trailer. In automatic door mode, count on 130 hp. The screw’s 9 m³ per minute output (average output) makes it possible to handle the flow from a trailer even in automatic door position.

On option, the Trans-eXpress 500 can be equipped with a combustion engine making it completely independent.

A side hitch can also be fitted so that the machine can be moved during the transfer process.