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On-board electronics

CharacteristicsSC 100SC 200SC 300SC 400
Conveyor speed controlYesYesYesYes
Weighing system--YesYes
Running direction reverser-YesYesYes
Electrical gate control-OptionOptionOption
Gate height--YesYes
Forward speed--YesYes
Conveyor speed--YesYes
Rotor preloading---Yes
Dynamic weighing---Yes

*DPA = flow rate proportional to forward speed

All PERARD manure spreaders are fitted as standard with an electrical control unit to vary the conveyor speed: SC 100.

As an option, a DPA (flow rate proportional to forward speed) can be added from the SC 200 onwards.

The SC 300 will also give the user information on the gate height, conveyor speed, and has a weighing system.

The APOLLO SC 400 incorporates all the features of the SC 300, but with an automatic spreading system preloading function, dynamic weighing system and ISOBUS compatibility.